In order to fulfill its mission of advocating for the arts in the greater Pasadena area, the Pasadena Arts Council follows these guiding Principles.  We define “the arts” as inclusive of visual arts, performing arts, architecture, literary arts and any interdisciplinary or emergent art form.  We define “advocacy” as reaching out to a broad sector of the public as well as to individual elected officials and government staff.


  • We support artists at all stages of their careers.
  • We support funding for the arts.
  • We support maintaining strong arts institutions of all sizes and the emergence of new arts institutions.
  • We support arts education.
  • We support artistic freedom.
  • We support building relationships with other arts communities.
  • We support the preservation of our historic art and the creation of art that future generations will consider their historic art.
  • We support strengthening ties between the arts and other communities and institutions such as education, science and social justice.